REVIEW: Trapped in the Family Business®: A Practical Guide to Uncovering and Managing This Hidden Dilemma

Written by Michael A Klein, PsyD © 2009, 2012

Family members who work inside their family’s enterprise know only too well that effective navigation of role boundaries within family businesses and within families can make the difference between phenomenal success and colossal failure in the business, and in the family.

This particular little book does a good job of depicting the various experiences of family members who may feel ‘stuck’ in the family business.  Reading this book may help normalize those family members’ experience which can be an important step in really understanding their ‘trapped’ feelings, and perhaps help them make different choices.

Mr. Klein’s book also offers a perspective for those who might not yet work inside the family business – a window into how it might look and feel from the inside.  The reality of working in a family business is complicated for all involved and this book does an exceptional job of exploring some of the intricacies behind sometimes ‘mixed emotions’.