REVIEW: The Keys to Family Business Success

Written by Leslie Dashew, Sam Lane, Joe Paul, Darrell Beck, and Williams Robert ©2011

This recent addition to the Family Business literature is exceptional.  The book’s content is drawn on the expertise of the authors (more than 30 years respectively) who are members of the Aspen Family Business Group.  The Keys to Family Business Success would be helpful for anyone who is in a family business or who works with one.  The overall tone of the book is positive and realistic and is intended to be a helpful resource for family stakeholders who want to know how to deal with some of the challenges that arise whether on their own or in conjunction with the right advisors.

The structure of the book is very pragmatic.  It begins with a lengthy case study outlining a family in crisis: how they are in crisis and their engagement with a consultant, then the beginning stages of the consulting process.  Each chapter addresses a different challenge and includes helpful activities, checklists/evaluations, and works of literature (poems or fables) to tackle the issues presented.

The authors provide a practical framework for recognizing a challenge before it becomes insurmountable, and is, therefore, a great contribution.