Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments are instruments that are comprised of questions that individuals complete, often online.  The answers to the questions are tabulated and analyzed to provide those same individuals greater understanding of their communication preferences, their temperaments, their personality attributes, their interpersonal needs, their capacities and skills in certain areas, as well as their motivations.  The data derived from these kinds of assessments can be very helpful in expanding self-awareness and personal and interpersonal efficacy.  This kind of data is particularly helpful in family systems or family business organizations to assist family business stakeholders to be intentional and effective stewards of a family’s legacy.  Some of the assessments we administer are described below.

(Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation and Behavior)
15 minutes

The FIRO-B assessment is based upon the notion that three dimensions of interpersonal relations are necessary and sufficient to explain most human interaction. The dimensions are called InclusionControl and Affection. These categories measure how much interaction a person wants and in the areas of socializing, leadership and responsibilities, and more intimate personal relations.

The Chally 
45 minutes

The Chally tool is a powerful assessment and development tool that predicts the strengths and weaknesses a client brings to a specific role or position, whether in a family system or a family business.  The instrument collects 866 individual data points and is supported by over 30 years of research and development of in-depth assessment and performance data collected from more than 300,000 candidates.  This predictiveassessment is invaluable to succession planning challenges for any family owned business. 

The TKI 
(Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument )
10 minutes

The TKI is an assessment for understanding how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics. It goes beyond conflict management to support your team-building, leadership and coaching, and retention goals.

(Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
30 minutes

The MBTI instrument explains why different kinds of people are interested in different things, are good at different kinds of work and other activities, and sometimes find it hard to understand each other.  It is particularly helpful in building and honing communication skills.

The Caliper Profile 
2 Hours

The Caliper Profile is a personality assessment that measures an individual’s characteristics, potential and motivation.  It provides descriptive insights into the qualities that drive an individual and distinguish him or her from others.  It allows us to integrate the measurement of potential and current behavior, to enable us to create a customized, in-depth developmental plan for each of our clients. 

The EQ In Action Profile 
45 minutes

The EQ in Action Profile is based upon developmental and neurophysiology theory and research, combined with years of clinical, educational, consulting, and training expertise. It was developed over a four-year period of time. Unlike most Emotional Intelligence assessment tools, this profile does not provide a “score” Rather it looks at an individual’s capacity for self-reflection, self-regulation and empathy, particularly when the individual is stressed.