A message to those of you who are familiar with the “old” FOBR site..

Welcome back!

You will notice that we no longer use this platform to sell digital goods directly to customers. There is no shopping cart or any other means of purchasing products from us on this website.
This means that:
Our site has been streamlined to be content-focused to serve the same FOBR information cleanly and efficiently. So, you may (or may not!) notice that calls to action, badges, signups and such are gone.
We will not be using social media to “stay on your radar” or otherwise “handle” you as a consumer. Our posting frequency will be driven by how often we think we have something meaningful to communicate with you. Also, we won’t be using email subscriptions to do that either.
We, as teachers, look forward to engaging you, as learners. That’s our favorite part. And on this website, it’s what we’ll be focusing on. That’s it.