REVIEW: Maps for Men: A Guide for Fathers and Sons and Family Businesses

Written by Edgell Franklin Pyles, PhD and Thomas Edward Pyles, MA ©2016

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a man in your life? This book is equal parts psychology, coaching, and literature to illustrate some of the common challenges sons and fathers face when they work in business together. This book messages that friction with your father (or son) while you are in business together is normal and predictable. The two men who wrote this book, have not only studied these dynamics, they have lived them personally.

Threading through the book is the exciting and fascinating life of Henry and his son Edsel Ford. The authors manage to effectively weave in practical models that are able to help the reader contextualize what is happening during a father/son journey together.  Some of the models are known to many people such as the ‘Hero’s Journey’, while others are more obscure but illuminating like the ‘father-son relationships stages’. The book optimistically suggests that if relationships between fathers and sons have discernible patterns and habits that may be getting in the way, then it follows that a more fulfilling partnership and relationship in business together can be had by identifying and interrupting some of them.