REVIEW: Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions

Richard Orlando, Ph.D.   ©2013

Legacy is a common focus in family owned business these days.  Why?  Because it is often the glue that can hold the family together – it is the reason families will stay together.  Sometimes that legacy is a family’s culture, sometimes it is a brand or a business, sometimes it is a shared history.  The ways in which families identify, use and preserve their legacy are unique, as are their intentions regarding their legacy.  Dr. Orlando has a deep understanding of how legacy has been derived by his clients over the years, and he has written a book that will help families examine their own legacy journey.

His book provides a framework for families to prepare, think about, and execute a legacy journey that makes room for all the voices in the family.  His work includes a mix of stories, tools and studies for readers to consider.  One of the most helpful tools is an assessment that helps families identify and evaluate key family attributes and skills.

“Wealth creates unique opportunities and challenges. The greatest challenge is the least discussed: the place where money, values, and family intersect”. This book is about that intersection.