REVIEW: Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power

Written by Doug Baumoel and Blair Trippe © 2016

Too often when we hear about conflict in a family owned business, it is front page news. The headlines are bold, brash and overly simplistic. However, conflict is not as one dimensional or as negative as one might think.  In fact, conflict can be a powerful tool in families if understood and leveraged productively.  This book takes the authors’ more than 15 years of work and research as family owned business advisors and helps readers understand why and how conflict is as inevitable as it is invaluable in families who own businesses.

They introduce us to The Conflict Equation which is an ingenious tool that deconstructs the complicated nature of family conflict, enabling families to ‘peel the onion of conflict’ – illuminating why it occurs, its triggers and so on.

Family members will find this book helpful in understanding what is happening to them and those they love when conflict gets the better of them.  More importantly, it may help them avoid some of those same traps going forward.

P.S. This is a must read for family advisors – while they have likely observed these patterns, the framework will be handy to use with their clients in helping them to understand what is happening in their family dynamics.